Created by Moriah Akrong, The Golden Lotus Project started with a simple idea for a way to give back for my 24th birthday. As I thought about what items I wanted to collect I thought about what items we don't often think about people needing. I thought about the young ladies I see who are homeless and even those who are less fortunate. What could they use to make their lives easier even just once a month? Those items were feminine hygiene products. While many of us don't think of those items as a necessity they are certainly not a luxury. All girls and women should have access but unfortunately do not. Now rewind a few years back. I wanted to start some sort of program for young ladies to help them with their self-esteem and reaching their full potential. Fast forward to today and we have The Golden Lotus Project. Combining my efforts to empower young ladies and promoting the importance of feminine hygiene and health.


When many think of women empowerment they don't often think of menstruation hygiene management (MHM) however it is one of the key roles in women empowerment. Far too often females don't have access to the proper care and use alternative unhygienic methods. This sometimes causes them to suffer from infections that affect the reproductive system. Not to mention the many social stigmas and cultural myths that revolve around menstruating which ultimately is discriminating, and isolating. This also causes a limitation to what women and young girls are informed about their bodies. Our goal is to not only empower through the education, promotion of the proper methods as well as making them more accessible, but to also help girls and young ladies reach their full potential. 

TGLP's mission is to empower girls and young women to reach their full potential through the education and promotion of feminine hygiene and health. TGLP values self esteem , risk taking, finding your core self, faith and health.

Our Mission

Did you know that in the US food stamps/EBT Cards cannot be used to purchase tampons or Pads? In Bangladesh 73% of women factory workers miss an average of 6 days of pay per month because of their period because they either have no access to or can’t afford proper feminine hygiene products. Girls across the world are missing days and days of school because of the same reason. We believe we can make a difference beginning with our local communities first. Starting March 1st -24th The Golden Locust Project will be Collecting Feminine Hygiene Products. This year all items will be given to Mercer County's HomeFront. Click the link below to find out more about their services. This year goal is to collect 350 products! All items that will be accepted are listed below. Spread the word with #24DAYSOFGIVING .



24 Days of Giving

Upcoming Events: We will be sponsring a Deserving Princeton High School senior to attend prom May 2016. Stay tuned for updates!

Items You Can Donate

- Pads

- Tampons

- Liners

- Diva Cups

- Coupons for purchasing the above mentioned products.


If you would like to make a donation towards this cause please click the donate button below






Send us an email to find out where your donations can be dropped off.





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